25 febrero, 2015

Growing Pains

When you are a kid you feel like your parents are invincible. They are like superheroes that protect you from the bad stuff and make you feel safe. Your safety place is their bed, you feel like nothing bad can happen to you when you are laying there between them. No ghosts, no monsters, you are safe.

As you get older you realize they are not invincible and they can't protect you from the world. And their bed is not your safety place anymore. You find out you have to save yourself, you have to be your own hero because they won't be there for you always. Your safety place is your own room. You spend a lot of time there, thinking, remembering, crying, sleeping. You start to think for yourself and realize that they are not always right and they don't know The Truth,  nobody does really. You start believing in yourself more, you hold your thoughts and beliefs inside of you as if they were made of gold.
You don't feel safe anymore but you feel confident.

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